Episode 4: Time Ambassador

This episode marks the first time we've ever done serious computer effects. We have green screen stuff in the intro with CG! Also this was the first episode filmed in HD. And how about that fancy new intro music!

People Involved:
  • Jesse LaChapelle: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Props, Voice Talent
  • Tod Baudais: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Props, Voice Talent
  • Nathalie Baudais: Props, Voice Talent, Catering
  • Jake LaChapelle: Props, Voice Talent, Sound Effects
  • Rob Pringle: Voice Talent
  • James Chapple: Main Title Theme
  • Brian Pickett, James Chapple, and Greg Innes: Main Title Singers
  • David Drew: Graphic Design
Tools used:
  • Final Cut Pro/iMovie HD: For video Capture and editing
  • Vegas Video: Sound effects
  • Cool Edit: Sound effects
  • Garageband: Music and effects
  • iDVD: to build DVD version


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