Episode 3: The Borg

This one ended up being a little crazy. We wanted to do something special for the third episode so we ended up spending 3 weeks on and off building all of the sets. Filming took a day to complete and finalizing the sound took another couple of weeks!

People Involved:
  • Tod Baudais: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Props, Voice Talent
  • Jesse LaChapelle: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Props, Voice Talent
  • Nathalie Baudais: Props, Voice Talent, Costume Design, Catering
  • Jake LaChapelle: Props, Voice Talent, Sound Effects
  • David Drew: Graphic Design
Tools used:
  • iMovie: For video Capture and editing
  • Vegas Video: Sound effects
  • Cool Edit: Sound effects
  • Garageband: Music and effects
  • iDVD: to build DVD version


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