Episode 1: Shore Leave

Work began on our first movie June 14th, in Tod & Nat's garage. We spent 3 nights after work assembling and painting sets, scouring the city for all the props, working late into the evening. Jesse's little brother Jake was brought into the project by Friday, agreeing to help by doing all of the sound effects and voice recording. Tod's wife, Nathalie, helped out detailing the sets adding realistic touches.

Filming took place Saturday June 17th until 2:00pm, sound effects were completed by the following afternoon, and music and final edits were done by Sunday night. We figure there were 200 or so man hours over the course of that weekend. But the results were totally worth it.

David Drew was then asked to create a home on the internet for the commander. For such short notice, it turned out extrememly well.

People Involved:
  • Tod Baudais: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Props, Voice Talent
  • Jesse LaChapelle: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Props, Voice Talent
  • Nathalie Baudais: Props, Voice Talent, Catering
  • Jake LaChapelle: Props, Voice Talent, Sound Effects
  • David Drew: Graphic Design
Tools used:
  • iMovie: For video Capture and editing
  • Vegas Video: Sound effects
  • Cool Edit: Sound effects
  • Garageband: Music and effects
  • iDVD: to build DVD version
Budget (Approx):
  • Styrofoam: $35
  • Action Figures + Models: $55
  • Paint + Painters Cloth: $40
  • Spray Glue: $18
  • Silly String: $8
  • Balloons + Sparklers: $3
  • Extra Web Bandwidth: $50
  • Domain name x 2: $20


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