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Who is Commander Rob? Commander Rob is a real person that over the course of 8 months in 2005/06 sent us over 400 incredibly awful scripts for movies starring himself as the main protaganist. These unsolicited scripts revealed the deranged mind of an individual who quite clearly just wanted to 'bang' every chick that was ever on an episode of Star Trek. Each script was no more than a few pages, yet was packed with hundreds of contradictions, plot holes, and vague and confusing descriptions of impossible stunts and special FX as he battled his way effortlessly through innumerable villains.

We are NOT movie makers, though during the time Rob was sending us emails we did work as employees of a movie company....as programmers. How he got our email addresses, and why he thought we could make his movies is beyond our capacity for comprehension. But with so much .... unbelievable content, we felt compelled to try our hand at making his dream a reality. So with a digital camera, a few blocks of styrofoam, and some creative interpretation we have brought Rob's vision to life!

So here's to you Rob!

And if you feel a little generous and you want to see further episodes, we would appreciate any help!

Jesse & Tod

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